Manually Running Tasks

usage: clowdr task [-h] [--verbose] [--provdir PROVDIR] [--local]
                   [--workdir WORKDIR] [--volumes VOLUMES]
                   tasklist [tasklist ...]

Positional Arguments

tasklist One or more Clowdr-created task.json files summarizing the jobs to be run. These task files are created by one of clowdr cloud or clowdr local.

Named Arguments

--verbose, -V

Toggles verbose output statements.

Default: False

--provdir, -p Local or directory where Clowdr provenance records and metadata will be stored. This is optional here because it will be stored by default in a temporary location and moved, unless this is specified.
--local, -l

Flag indicator to identify whether the task is being launched on a cloud or local resource. This is important to ensure data is transferred off clouds before shut down.

Default: False

--workdir, -w Specifies the working directory to be used by the tasks created.
--volumes, -v Specifies any volumes to be mounted to the container. This is usually related to the path of any data files as specified in your invocation(s).