Launching Cloud Tasks

Manages cloud deployment. Ideal for running jobs at scale on data stored in Amazon Web Services S3 buckets (or similar object store).

usage: clowdr cloud [-h] [--verbose] [--dev] [--region REGION] [--sweep SWEEP]
                    descriptor invocation provdir s3 {aws} credentials

Positional Arguments

descriptor Local path to Boutiques descriptor for the tool you wish to run. To learn about descriptors and Boutiques, go to:
invocation Local path to Boutiques invocation (or directory containing multiple invocations) for the analysis you wish to run. To learn about invocations and Boutiques, go to:
provdir Local directory for Clowdr provenance records and other captured metadata to be stored. This directory needs to exist prior to running Clowdr.
s3 Amazon S3 bucket and path for remote data. Accepted in the format: s3://{bucket}/{path}

Possible choices: aws

Specifies which cloud endpoint you’d like to use. Currently, only AWS is supported.

credentials Your credentials file for the resource.

Named Arguments

--verbose, -V

Toggles verbose output statements.

Default: False

--dev, -d

Launches only the first created task. This is intended for development purposes.

Default: False

--region, -r The Amazon region to use for processing.
--sweep If you wish to perform a parameter sweep with Clowdr, you can use this flag and provide Boutiques parameter ID as the argument here. This requires: 1) the parameter exists in the provided invocation, and 2) that field contains a list of the parameter values to be used (if it is ordinarily a list, this means it must be a list of lists here). This option does not work with directories of invocations, but only single files.
--bids, -b

Indicates that the tool being launched is a BIDS app. BIDS is a data organization format in neuroimaging. For more information about this, go to

Default: False