Sharing Your Analysis

usage: clowdr share [-h] [--prepare] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--debug]

Positional Arguments

provdir Local or S3 directory where Clowdr provenancerecords and metadata are stored. This path was returned by running either clowdr cloud or clowdr local. This can also be a clowdr-generated summary file.

Named Arguments

--prepare, -p

If provided, this prevents a server from being launched after metadata is consolidated into a single file, and the path to that file is returned.

Default: False


The host to broadcast the share service at. Default is

Default: “”


The port to broadcast the share service at. Default is 8050.

Default: 8050

--debug, -d

Toggles server messages and logging. This is intended for development purposes.

Default: False

--verbose, -V

Toggles verbose output statements.

Default: False